Moving and Settling into a Historic Home in London, Ontario

Stepping Back in Time: Moving and Settling into a Historic Home in London, Ontario

London, Ontario, wears its history proudly. From the iconic Covent Garden Market to the tree-lined streets lined with Victorian homes, the Forest City offers a unique opportunity: to own a piece of that history. But moving into a historic home isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about becoming a steward of a bygone era. Here’s what you need to know about making the leap and settling into your own slice of London’s past. Moving company

Finding Your Perfect Piece of History

London boasts a diverse range of historic neighborhoods, each with its own architectural charm. From the grand Italianate mansions of Richmond to the working-class cottages of SoHo, there’s a historic home to suit every taste and budget. Here are some resources to get you started:

  • The London Heritage Council: This organization maintains a detailed inventory of London’s designated heritage properties, complete with historical information and architectural styles
  • Real Estate Agents: Many realtors specialize in historic properties and can guide you through the buying process, highlighting potential issues and restoration opportunities.

Embrace the Unexpected: Characteristics of Historic Homes

Living in a historic home comes with unique advantages and quirks. Be prepared for:

  • Character over Convenience: Modern amenities like central air conditioning and open floor plans might be absent. Embrace the charm of original fireplaces, ornate moldings, and unique built-ins.
  • Older Systems: Plumbing, electrical wiring, and heating may need upgrades. Factor in potential renovation costs during your purchase decision.
  • Limited Storage: Modern furniture might overwhelm the often-compact layouts. Consider built-in storage solutions and space-saving furniture.

Becoming a Responsible Steward

Owning a historic home comes with a sense of responsibility. You’re not just maintaining a property, you’re preserving a piece of London’s heritage. Here are some ways to be a good steward:

  • Research Your Home’s History: Unearth the stories of those who lived there before you. The London Room at the London Public Library offers a wealth of resources
  • Consult with Heritage Professionals: Before making significant renovations, contact the London Heritage Council for guidance. They can help you maintain the historical integrity of your home while meeting modern living standards.
  • Consider Restoration over Replacement: Original features like doorknobs and light fixtures can often be restored. Explore restoration companies that specialize in historic materials and techniques.

Settling In: Creating a Livable Historic Home

While maintaining the home’s character, you can still create a comfortable and functional living space:

  • Light and Bright: Historic homes can sometimes feel dark. Consider skylights, strategic lighting placement, and light-colored paint to create an airy feel.
  • Modern Touches: Blend historic charm with modern comforts. Invest in energy-efficient appliances that complement the period style.
  • Embrace the Outdoors: Many historic homes boast beautiful porches and yards. Utilize these spaces for outdoor living and entertaining.

Becoming Part of the Community

Living in a historic neighborhood connects you to a vibrant community. Here are ways to immerse yourself:

  • Neighborhood Associations: Many historic neighborhoods have active associations that organize events and advocate for heritage preservation.
  • Local Businesses: Support local shops and restaurants that contribute to the neighborhood’s character.
  • Events and Festivals: London hosts numerous heritage-themed events throughout the year. Get involved and learn more about the city’s rich history.

Owning a historic home in London, Ontario, is more than just an address; it’s a journey into the city’s past. With careful planning, respect for the past, and a touch of creativity, you can transform your historic home into a comfortable haven while becoming an active member of London’s unique heritage community.

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