Stop Worrying About an Unwanted Pregnancy – Use Emergency Contraception Pills

Ladies having unprotected sexual activity with their accomplice, or having a number of intercourse companions are at a larger danger of turning into pregnant towards their will. Married ladies may also face this drawback at instances, when the contraception technique chosen by them fails to work and forestall being pregnant. For such cases, you possibly can all the time use the emergency contraception accessible in the marketplace and keep away from an undesirable being pregnant. As such you’ve two choices for avoiding being pregnant after having an unprotected intercourse. One is utilizing the morning after Cytotec cochabamba tablet, whereas the opposite is utilizing an IUD, a small T formed piece of plastic or copper place into the opening of your womb to forestall the sperm from getting into it. However, oral contraception is the most well-liked technique amongst ladies for avoiding being pregnant and it may be efficient as much as 3-5 days after having an unprotected intercourse.

Emergency contraceptive capsules

The most well-liked emergency contraception capsules accessible in the marketplace are are Levonelle and ellaOne; of which Levonelle is efficient as much as 3 days after having an unprotected intercourse whereas ellaOne is efficient as much as 5 days. ellaOne, due to its effectivene, is turning into a desire amongst ladies.

Each the capsules capsules work by releasing the feminine hormone progesterone, which in pure situations, when a ladies is pregnant, prevents the egg from getting fertilized, and if an egg does get fertilized, then it prevents the identical from getting implanted into your womb.

Levonelle – The morning after tablet

Levonelle is extra generally often known as the ‘morning after tablet’, which has been confirmed to be 95% efficient in stopping being pregnant in ladies, however is finest efficient when taken throughout the first 24 hours. This tablet might be taken by ladies who’re above the age of 18 years, however must be prevented by ladies who’re already pregnant and people with extreme liver dysfunction. This tablet, with the assistance of its lively ingredient levonorgestrel, tips your physique into believing that ovulation has already occurred in order that an egg will not be produced. It additionally thickens the pure mucus in your womb so {that a} sperm can not enter it and fertilize an egg. You may take this tablet with or with out meals. If in case you vomit inside two to 3 hours of taking the tablet, you have to take one other one as quickly as doable and likewise contact your physician or nurse for recommendation. A few of the generally reported negative effects of Levonelle are complications, abdomen ache, diarrhoea and fatigue.

ellaOne – The newest growth

ellaOne is an emergency contraception tablet, which can be utilized to forestall undesirable being pregnant as much as 5 days or 120 hours after having an unprotected intercourse. This tablet has been confirmed to be virtually 98% efficient in stopping being pregnant in ladies, however is taken into account to be handiest when taken within the preliminary 3 day interval. Ladies who’re above the age of 18 years can take this tablet. It’s also secure for you if you’re breastfeeding, however you need to keep away from it for 36 hours after taking the tablet. The tablet shouldn’t be taken if you’re on drugs for situations reminiscent of HIV, bacterial infections and are on natural treatments reminiscent of St. John’s Wort, because the capsules efficient can lower. Essentially the most generally seen negative effects are irregular bleeding, diarrhoea, vomiting, headache, decrease stomach ache, dizziness and a delayed interval.

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